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One reason I love the Islands: The music #2

March 15, 2012


I blogged recently about the importance of (and high quality of) the original music in the South Pacific Islands where I work. And I linked to a sample – a young Tongan lady who stood in her front yard and sang for me – with wonderful spontaneity and without accompaniment. Sadly, in many places around the […]

What a Church Movement looks like

March 9, 2012


Last week I was in the South Pacific Islands. Busy days and nights of meetings with our (Pacific Partners) radio and discipleship leaders, but oh so rewarding! One night I had the joy and privilege of teaching young people from various churches who meet weekly at the home of one of our local leaders. They […]

One reason I love the Islands: The music #1

March 6, 2012


I used to be a musician many years ago. Perhaps that’s one reason why I love visiting the South Pacific Islands as much as I do – the music is amazing. Music is very important in these tribal cultures. There was no written language before the early missionaries, so music was (still is) used to […]

Radio, and organic church planting

February 18, 2012


The video below was made in 2001, but it’s the best I’ve found to explain what is beginning to happen around our Pacific Partners radio ministry in the South Pacific Islands. (Note: beginning to happen. It is becoming well established in Tonga and starting in the Solomon Islands.) What is happening now in the Islands, sprang from our […]

Can radio really help change a nation? Yes, but only if . . .

February 7, 2012


If you know me at all, you will know how focussed I am on missionary radio and biblical discipleship. But as I look around at many (most?) of our Western churches and their well meant but sometimes misguided attempts at ministry and missions, I’m concerned. We have moved far away from the apprenticeship-style discipleship and […]