One reason I love the Islands: The music #1

March 6, 2012


I used to be a musician many years ago. Perhaps that’s one reason why I love visiting the South Pacific Islands as much as I do – the music is amazing. Music is very important in these tribal cultures. There was no written language before the early missionaries, so music was (still is) used to […]

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Moving beyond fundamentalism and evangelicalism in missions

February 21, 2012


I have a deep sense of excitement and anticipation about our missionary work in the South Pacific Islands. We’re on the cusp of something new and very vibrant (Radio, and organic church planting). Almost daily I’m gaining new insights from the books and blogs I read, and from my times of personal prayer. Frank Viola’s blog […]

Radio, and organic church planting

February 18, 2012


The video below was made in 2001, but it’s the best I’ve found to explain what is beginning to happen around our Pacific Partners radio ministry in the South Pacific Islands. (Note: beginning to happen. It is becoming well established in Tonga and starting in the Solomon Islands.) What is happening now in the Islands, sprang from our […]

Prerequisites for Xcultural engagement – patience and a sense of humor

February 17, 2012


Kelly Soper for The Chronicle Review

I’ve always managed to maintain my sense of humor  as I’ve worked cross-culturally. (Patience is different – I’ve had to learn that, usually with a good slice of humor at my own expense.) Here is a hilarious article from The Chronicle of Higher Education by Kerry Sope. He is a great story teller and I’m sure […]

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Discipleship is more than Conveying Information (by Trevin Wax)

February 10, 2012


I’ve just read an important blog post by Trevin Wax about discipleship being like an apprenticeship. (I’ve written about this in my recent posts Can Radio Really Help Disciple a Nation? and Canoe Without a Paddle.) Trevin Wax writes on The Gospel Coalition blog, “The culture of the first century put a high priority on learning […]

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Can radio really help change a nation? Yes, but only if . . .

February 7, 2012


If you know me at all, you will know how focussed I am on missionary radio and biblical discipleship. But as I look around at many (most?) of our Western churches and their well meant but sometimes misguided attempts at ministry and missions, I’m concerned. We have moved far away from the apprenticeship-style discipleship and […]

No Place for Experts

January 23, 2012


People tend to defer to those they perceive as being more knowledgeable or more successful. Where I work, all it takes for that to happen is for an affluent foreigner to walk through the airport! It’s automatic. We (the foreigner) may never claim to be an expert but we fail to realize how much we […]