Here are some nice things people have written about my work:

I have known Graham Carter for several years and am familiar with the Christian work among Pacific Island young people. . . Graham and his wife are particularly active in training and counseling young people towards good relationships and living fruitful lives. Their impact on some of these young people makes them like second parents. I give Graham Carter my full support in his endeavors.   Her Royal Highness Princess Siu’ilikutapu Fotofili, Kingdom of Tonga.

Graham everything you said about Tonga was right. The radio ministry is doing wonderful things amongst the Tongan people and God is clearly at work through this ministry. . .  I feel challenged about what we’re doing in NZ with discipleship . . .  – Pastor Andrew Marshal, Director of Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches, New Zealand.

I write in respect of my long association with Graham Carter whom I have known for over twenty years. I can say without reservation that he is a man of integrity and of good repute. In the years that I have been associated with him in his work in setting up Christian Radio stations in the South Pacific Islands, I have found Graham to be a man with his heart set on preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ  in a clear and relevant format for the indigenous people of the islands. Graham has used the radio, internet, literature and trained indigenous staff to fulfill the Great Commission.   Honorable Fakafanua, Noble of Maufanga, Faleloa and Nga’akau, Minister of Education, HM Government of Tonga.  

Graham Carter is a man of conviction and passion and is dedicated to the work to which he is called to in the South Pacific.  He is a gifted communicator and has lent his voice on multiple occasions in support of my own broadcast ministry.  Above all, I am privileged to call Graham Carter my friend, and hope that you might one day too.  Mike Medlin, Program Director, Radio Shine, KGCB-FM, Prescott AZ, USA.

Graham is one of the few ‘Palangi’ businessmen I know of who has had to navigate a path that encompasses such diverse cultural, ethical, and economic groups, and has gained the respect of leaders in each community. . . To me, Graham is a real pioneer in the management of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural organisations. I have often encouraged others to seek his ideas and guidance.    Richard A. Gill, CEO, Cyberglue Software Limited, New Zealand.

What a blessing it was to see how many people are regularly challenged, encouraged and equipped by your Tongan radio hosts.  I know I’m not supposed to be envious, and so we’ll say that I was both encouraged and motivated by the amount of practical, hands on discipleship that your workers carry out on a regular basis, while the work that you’re doing to develop those leaders is incredible. We went from house to house in Tongatapu and heard repeatedly from people who had come to faith through the radio ministry, and from those who used it as a tool to reach out to family and friends. . .  So good.  It was just so good . . .   Pastor Matthew Mordaunt, Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Auckland, New Zealand.

We have known Graham Carter for over 21 years and have enjoyed his interesting and informative way of sharing the vision of what God can do through Christian radio in various countries. We have found his stories about local people touched by the Gospel to be very inspiring and uplifting. His direction to reach and teach the local people through local discipleship takes Christian radio a step above the norm and have ourselves been encouraged and challenged to truly “disciple the nations” here at KGPS using the same direction.   Sally Lee, Station Operations Manager, Radio KGPS, Kingman AZ, USA.

Graham and his team are such a blessing to the Islands, and wonderful things are happening as they minister via radio in the Solomon Islands and beyond. . . I can absolutely vouch for him 100 percent, he is a wonderful heart for people, to see them saved set free healed etc   Rev Heather Butler, Valley Dyffryn, Isle Of Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom.

I would just like to commend Pacific Partners on the wonderful work you are doing in the Solomon Islands. It was great to meet the people, see the facilities, hear the stories of the life changing power of Jesus Christ working both in those involved, and those that are now being reached with the Gospel and the Word of God. Keep up the good work and may the Lord continue to use you, bless you, and bless through you, those who are now doing the work of the Lord through Pacific Partners.  Pastor Brian Hughes, Calvary Chapel Auckland, New Zealand.

My wife and I met Graham Carter about 11 years ago. We went on 2 mission trips to Tonga to help build the Christian radio station there. We have had him speak, whenever he is in town and available, at our church, Calvary Bible Fellowship of Golden Valley. His heart for the people of the Pacific Islands is refreshing and inspirational. Our church supports the ministry, and I believe Graham to be a blessing to the people he ministers to.   Pastor Gerhard Griesinger, Streams of Grace Church,  Golden Valley, AZ, USA.

It is always a pleasure to interview Graham on the program over the many years that I was with Rhema Broadcasting Group in New Zealand. His enthusiasm for spreading the gospel via radio and the remarkable stories he would tell from the islands were incredibly inspiring.  – Rob Holding, Drive-show radio host, Radio Rhema, New Zealand.

Graham and his wife have done a large amount of social work with Pacific Island people and I am well aware of the deep respect they have for him and his family. He works tirelessly on their behalf with his major target being Pacific Island radio. In all my dealings with Graham I have found him to be completely honest and trustworthy. He is a man of excellent character with standards and values that I applaud.  – Phil Raffills, Principal Avondale College, Auckland, New Zealand.

Graham, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your outreach to Tonga through your Christian station. We believe that God truly has His hand upon this ministry and we were able to see the effects nationwide while we there. We would highly recommend and do support the ongoing work there through Pacific Partners. Our fellowship was greatly encouraged by what they experienced there and we are committed to continue our support. We look forward to being a part of what God is doing in the South Pacific.  – Pastor Ron Lee, Calvary Chapel. Kingman AZ, USA.

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