Who is Graham?

I am a New Zealander (a Kiwi – No not the fruit, it’s our national bird!) with a passion to see God’s people motivated and equipped to live the fruitful life Jesus Christ intends for them.

I’ve been a missions leader in the South Pacific Islands since 1987, where I’ve planted Christian radio stations in Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and in the Kingdom of Tonga. Today, I remain founder and President of Pacific Partners an evangelical non-for-profit that works mainly in the Kingdom of Tonga and the Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal).

Over these years in the Islands I discovered and developed (largely through my own mistakes) a strategy that makes community Christian radio particularly effective for missionary church planting among tribal people. These principles are being adopted by other organizations outside the South Pacific Islands.

South Pacific communities are feudal, tribal, and very religious, and I especially enjoy (and am doing more of these days) coaching national leaders into biblical leadership as servants and facilitators of the Lord’s work among their own people. I mainly work with local leaders who have been discipled through our own radio/ small group ministry.

Those leaders are :

Using radio in ways relevant to their cultural styles of communicating, so the simple Gospel engages and draws their listeners into their own personal faith-journey of discovering Jesus Christ;

Planting village home Bible study/fellowship groups in remote and isolated areas so neighbours can gather and learn together (with our local-language radio Bible teachers) and help each other put into practice what they are learning, in their normal village life; and

Facilitating the development of authentic “local church” as local people enthusiastically learn to follow Jesus and apply His teachings, unrestricted by the superstitions and unbiblical practices of animism and the traditional church that dominates their culture.

Community styled, radio is an amazing tool for the Gospel in these aural and isolated communities of the South Pacific. Coaching local leaders to use this style of radio and to plant house churches is fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and bringing true revival/renewal to these nations that are dominated by dead religious practices.
(Oops there I go. Preaching at you! You can see how passionate I am about this. Visit Pacific Partners to find out more.)

I am a Bible teacher and Pastor and get invited to speak in churches throughout the Islands, and sometimes internationally. I also speak at pastors and missions conferences about strategies for cross-cultural communication and mission, discipleship in tribal cultures, missionary/leadership coaching and remote church planting.  (Email me about speaking or writing.)

My wife Trish and I have written and edited devotional and Bible training material in ‘Easy English’ for English Second Language learners. This material has been used in over 20 countries, including India and the Middle East.

I am also VP of Business Development for Solar Islands Ltd. This is a start-up renewable energy company researching off-grid and on-grid CSP Solar (a different technology to the familiar PV solar panels) solutions for the South Pacific Islands.

  • Oh and BTW, I reckon I’m somewhat of an expert on grandchildren (I have 8), chilies (growing cooking, consuming), coffee, and year round outdoor grilling. So I’m happy to talk about these things too.
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