One reason I love the Islands: The music #2

Posted on March 15, 2012


I blogged recently about the importance of (and high quality of) the original music in the South Pacific Islands where I work. And I linked to a sample – a young Tongan lady who stood in her front yard and sang for me – with wonderful spontaneity and without accompaniment.

Sadly, in many places around the South Pacific Islands local people still equate Christian spirituality with accapella Wesleyan (or similar) hymns. And sadly their own rich musical heritage is confined to ‘secular’ aspects of life – Monday through Friday and outside of church buildings.

I lead a Christian ministry in the South Pacific Islands that relies on broadcast radio, but for many years (before I became an active follower of Jesus and began doing what I do now) I worked in the music and entertainment industry. I have retained my great love of music and have a strong desire to see the local Island people developing their own unique and authentic styles of worship music.

Their own music, sincerely expressing their hearts of love, adoration, and gratitude. Worship expressed through the styles and sounds of the unique culture in which God has placed them. 

Redeemed local music, instead of copying European traditions and (as is happening more and more) making ‘back-yard’ covers of contemporary Christian music. As if foreign (to them) music somehow pleases God more than their own music!

Here is an original Christian song from the Solomon Islands. It’s a style that’s become very popular in the South Pacific – Pacific Reggae. A fusion of contemporary and traditional sounds.

The song is called Sasari’i and is written and performed by a Solomon Islands group called B do C. Sasari’i is a lament for the ‘mud people’ who continue to live primitive lives in a remote part of the Solomons, and it expresses the desire for the Gospel to set them free from the bondage and darkness of their animistic religion and lifestyle.

Like all our local Pacific Island musicians, B do C are self taught and play their music by ear and from memory. Sasari’i was recorded and produced with very basic resources by some of our wonderfully skilled Pacific Partners staff from our radio station, ‘Gud Nius FM’ in Honiara, on Guadalcanal.

Sasari’i by B doC of the Solomon Islands. Enjoy and be blessed!

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I’d love to hear what you think of this music.

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